No Code Browser Automation

Build bots to automate your work on the web without writing any code

Building bots is a breeze

Build bots in minutes

If you know how to use a browser, you know how to build bots

DataKund understands all your actions on the browser like click, type, open link, open new tab, switch between tabs, close tab, copy, paste,select etc. All additional features are available in context menu as you are used to in your browser.Watch the video to see in action

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Do work for 1 element and bot will do for all others similar elements

Repeat you work over similar web elements  

If you want to do same work for similar elements on page you can simply select the area and then choose repeat option. Then do the task for one element and bot will do for all the others. For eg. in this video we see the bot has been trained to open all links in new tab by using repeat

Extend the capabilities with easy APIs & SDKs

Access the bots from any programming language with easy to use APIs & SDKs

Access all bots with simple function call

Access bots with simple REST APIs



All your bots are saved in cloud. They can be run on cloud with single click so you dont have to run on your own pcs. Developers can publish bots to be used by whole community


Bots built once auto update themselves when websites change & continue to run just fine

Forever Free Plan

You can build& run any number of bots on your pc for absolutely free.
This also includes bots published by community 

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