Build Sign Up Bot

In this article we will see how to make sign up bot on 500px website with complete gmail verification.

Following are the steps to follow:-

1. Create a new bot.

2. Choose bot type as simple.

3. Click on train.

4. Open 500px sign up link(

5. Click on I agree and then continue with email.

6. Fill email and password and click on sign up

7. After that website will ask you for gmail verification.

8. Now pause training by clicking on back button.

8. Login to gmail and open the verification email.

9. In extension go to bot's page and open Variables and add variable named "500px verify" in input variables. This term will be used to search for email in gmail.

10. Now resume training and click on last event, i.e "Click".

11. Select the link and then right click>DataKund>Inputs>Variables>500px verify>Verify Gmail Link

12. Here the training ends!!