Data Scraper

DataKund Scraper is a library that makes it easy to scrape information from any url. You don't have to inspect any web elements to find tags, xpath id etc. It learns from the links of the web pages given by you & builds a scraper. Then you can use it to get JSON data out of other pages.

Train Scraper

Training the scraper requires urls of 2 pages as input. These pages should look similar but contain different data. Then it finds the pattern in the 2 pages & returns scraper id. This id can be used to fetch JSON data out of the other similar pages. Training may take 2-3 minutes but once trained ,then scraper runs fast

from datakund_scraper import *
open('PyPi Scraper.txt', 'w').write(response['id'])

Run Scraper

Running the scraper requires 2 inputs . First is the url which you want to scrape data from Second is the 'id' of the scraper which was given in response of training

from datakund_scraper import *
Id=open('PyPi Scraper.txt', 'r').read()
#This is id of scraper we got in training above
with open('./data.json','w') as data:


Below are some of the examples of links using which you can run autoscraper:-

  1. Pypi packages scraper [,]
  2. Amazon products scraper [,]
  3. Cryptocurrency details scraper [,]
  4. PlayStore app details scraper[,]

Queries/ Feedback

If you have some queries or feedback please contact us at following links Telegram Email