Google Search Results Scraper

How to scrape google search results url for every page and fill each url in airtable form?

1. Click on "search/create api" and type "google_search", and then click "+ new api" to create new bot.

2. Click on the Record Button to train the bot.

3. Then open the in chrome to add url as part of the event.  Now click on search bar and type "automation" for instance.

8. Now we have to trigger a bot in this bot whose work is to scrape url of search results for every page and fill each url in airtable form.

9. First of all we have make that bot after that we will trigger that bot in current bot.

10. Pause the training of this bot.

11. Create a new bot.

12. Click on the Train button.

13. Now select atleast 2–3 search results.

 14. Now Right click->DataKund->Repeat->Element Repeat->Begin Repeat.

15. Here “Start repeat” added in the training.

16. Now Right click on any search result and then go DataKund->Copy->Copy link address->Link1.

17. It will copy page url of this result.

18. Here “Copy link” event is added in the chart.

19. Open new tab.

20. Here in the pic on opening new tab “New tab” event is also added.

21. Open the airtable form in this tab.

22. In the pic we can seen “Open link” event is added on opening url of the airtable form.

23. Now apply static sleep so that form gets fully loaded.

24. Right click->DataKund->More->Wait->Static->3

25. Now click on url input to fill the url.

26. Then Right click->Type->Link 1.

27. Here url is typed and “Type” event also added in chart.

28. Now click on “Submit” button to submit the form.

29. Here form is submitted.

30. Then close this tab.

31. On closing the tab here “Close tab” and “Switch to tab” added in our chart.

32. Now Right click->DataKund->Repeat->Element Repeat->End Repeat.

33. Now click on “Next” to go to second page so that url of next page can be scraped.

34. Now trigger this bot itself.

35. Then Right click->DataKund->Bots->Google_Scrap_url1(Bot name).

36. Here in the pic we can see “call bot” event is added on triggering the bot.

37. Now stop the training.

38. Now Resume the training of the bot whose training was paused.

39. Click on the last event to make all the events blue in color.

40. Now Right Click->DataKund->Bots->Google_Scrap_url1(Bot name).

41. Here “Call bot” event is added.

42. Now stop the training and wait till loading.