Instagram Auto Follow Bot

How to follow someone in Instagram automatically?


1. Click DK extension, and type "instagram_follow" and click "+ New Api", and click "record" to start training the bot.


2. open to add Url to the event.

3. Type email address and password and login, to train the bot.


4.  Click  icon to add the input variable "profile_url". 


5.  Right Click anywhere on the browser and click datakund and the click more=>inputs=>profile_url=>open link, for the given input Url to load.


6. Open random profile page to train the bot, and click follow.


7. Stop training the bot, by clicking back button and click "run". 


8. Enter email address, password and profile Url, for the bot to login and follow the profile.  


9. You will see, bot will automatically logs in and follow the profile.