Instagram Auto Like Bot

How to like any post in instagram?
How to like any post in Instagram?


1.  Create a new bot. Type instagram_like and click "+ New Api", now click "record" to start training the bot.


2. Now open to add the url to the event.

3. Enter email address and password and click log in button, this is to train the bot. 


4. Now lets add variables by clicking  icon on the top right corner. Type the input variable and click save, as shown below.


5. After logging in , we will have to load the link which we will give in input variable (insta_url). To open the link in input variable, right click anywhere on the screen, click Datakund, and then more=>inputs=>variables=>insta_url=>open link.   


6. Now stop the training by clicking the back button. Now open some random post to train the bot.


7. After opening the post, start training the bot click the last event to continue training the bot.


8. Now add wait event for the bot to load, right click anywhere on the screen then click Datakund=>wait=>static=>3.


9. Now like the post to record the event.

10. Stop the training and click "run". Paste the Url and details, as in the image below, and then click "Run".


11. Bot will automatically logs in and opens the post and likes it as shown below.