Basics of DataKund


Double Click on DataKund.exe and a automated chrome browser will be opened with preloaded extension. Now the training of bots or making of apis process will be done in this automated browser.


Training simply refers to guiding the bot to work. Here  are the steps need to follow when need to train the bot:-

1. Before making bot need to login to extension via clicking on extension popup.


Analysis shows the data which is used by bot to perform actions. You can edit the analysis according to your need if you don’t want to train the bot again. For example, here click can be replaced with copy, waitforelement, save, saveimage, copypageurl etc. Analysis data is a dictionary which consists the order of actions and its attributes.


You can use your own script (python code) inside the bots to insert some logic inside the bot. You can add the script by writing its name and script data and then click on save. This script can be triggered by events when trained , you just need to remember its name while training.


Bots made by you are only visible to you until and unless you share them with someone or publish them on Datakund. Publishing a bot will add your bot to public list or bot store. You can insert link of youtube video which is demonstrating the working of this bot. Public True will show this bot on , otherwise it will not be shown. Remember , to make datakund apis you always need to publish the bots, otherwise it can not be used by users and will return failure of “api not found”.


You can delete a bot by clicking on Delete.