Open Link in New Tab

Open Link in New Tab

How to perform newtab and openlinknewtab events using DataKund?


Open Static link

  • Create new bot and Start Training
  • We can see the charts by clicking on the extension icon as shown below. As we opened a URL by opening a new tab so “New Tab>Open Link” events are shown in charts.

  • Select the link “Today’s Deals” text and Right Click>DataKund>More>Open>Open Link in newtab.

  • It will open the link in the new tab behind Today’s Deals.
  • It will open the link in the new tab only when there is href tag behind the text.

  • You can see the result, "Today's Deal" Link is opened in a new tab. (as we switched automatically to a new tab).

Open Dynamic Link

  • You can open a dynamic link in a new tab by adding a variable e.g ‘link’
  • Create a new Bot, Click on Variable. Put input as a "link" and Save.

  • Right Click>DataKund>Inputs>Variables>link>Open link in new tab.

  • Now can see in charts new events added named as openlinknewtab and switch(as we switched automatically to new tab).
  • Here is the Result. The link is opened in a new tab.