Set cookie new window

Set cookie new window

Setcookie event sets the list of cookies passed in browser. For example if you don’t want to login to google,facebook,linkedin etc with credentials, then can login with cookies.
If you want to open new automated browser then can do this with DataKund.
How to set cookies and open new automated browser using DataKund?


  • Create a new variable e.g ‘cookies’ and save it. Now get back to Train section and start training.

2. Open url  or whichever you want to login and then we can see the charts by clicking on extension icon. As we opened a url so “open link” event is shown in charts.

3. Now Right Click>DataKund>Inputs>Variables>cookies>Set Cookie . New event named setcookie will be added. Now again open and a new event will be aded. This new event url is added to see if logged in or not.

  • 4.To open a new window or browser, Right Click>DataKund>More>Open>Open new browser window.

  • 5. Now we can stop training by clicking on stop button. Wait till loading get finished.