Architects Registration Board(ARB) Scraper

This bot extracts data from

Architects Registration Board(ARB) Scraper

Architects Registration Board(ARB) Scraper

The Architects Registration Board is the statutory body for the registration of architects in the United Kingdom. It operates under the Architects Act 1997 as amended, a consolidating Act. It began under the Architects Act, 1931 which gave it the name the Architects' Registration Council of the United Kingdom.

This scraper has been developed to extract data from the website. This scraper will go to the website and extract data based on the keyword of your choice and scrapes ......................., from the website. 

How to Scraper Meanings from

  • Run the bot and then, Enter the keyword for bot to scrape and click submit button.
  • Bot will visit searches the keyword and meanings and synonyms from ARB website, and then,
  • Bot saves the data in xlsx or json file.

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