Facebook Auto Comment Bot

Facebook Auto Comment Bot

Auto comment post on Facebook

Facebook Auto Comment Bot is a tool for Facebook group members to automatically comment on posts in the group, when a specific keyword appears in the title. It uses keywords in the post text to find suitable replies.

How to Auto comment post on Facebook using DataKund?

  • As this bot will run from windows PC, You need to install DataKund on your pc before you can run this bot.

  • After installing DataKund, open DataKund. Click on run button.

  • Enter the post URL in the input box below or go to google sheets from the DK extension and enter inputs in the sheets and click on Submit/Run button.

  • Inputs : Facebook Group link, keyword and text to comment on the post.

  • This bot will visit group and searches the keyword passed in all the posts and if there is desired keyword then the bot will comment on the post, which is given in the input.