Gsmarena Scraper

Scrape all the Specifications of Search Result using given Keyword From

Gsmarena Scraper

Scrape Specifications details from Gsmarena, the largest mobile phone review site in the world. Gsmarena is a mobile phone review site which provides unbiased and trusted reviews of mobile phones and tablets. They deliver the latest technology news and promote the latest technological breakthroughs to support the lives of our readers.

Scrape all the Specifications of Search Result using given Keyword From, the ultimate resource for GSM handset information, Collects all the data you need, displays them in an Structured Document and export to XLSX or JSON Format.

How Scrape Specifications from Gsmarena?

  • Run the bot. Enter the keyword for bot to scrape and click submit button.
  • Bot will visit nextpagebooks.indielite.orgsearch the keyword and scrape Price, Author, Published, Availability, and ISBN from Next Page Books & Nosh.
  • Bot saved data in xlsx or json file.