Just dial Listings Scraper

This bot scrapes Justdial listings.

Just dial Listings Scraper

Scrape Just Dial Listings 

Justdial is an Indian internet technology company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website and mobile apps. Founded in 1996 by VSS Mani, the company is headquartered in Mumbai, India

This bot scrapes Justdial listings like name, rating, voting's and address from the Just Dial website, when given location and service in the input.

How to Scrape Justdial listings using DataKund?

  • As this bot will run from windows PC, You need to install DataKund on your pc before you can run this bot.
  • After installing DataKund, open DataKund. Click on run button.
  • Enter the location and service in the input box below or go to google sheets from the DK extension and enter inputs in the sheets and click on Submit/Run button.
  • This bot will visit Justdial website and scrapes listing, name, rating, voting's and address from the Just Dial website, and saves data in XL sheet and JSON files.