Linkedin Post Scraper by filtering

This bot will scrape LinkedIn post by applying filter.

Automate to Scrape LinkedIn posts By filtering 

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented online service operated through mobile apps and websites. Platform launched in 2003, it allows job seekers and employers to post jobs and connect with each other, and is primarily used for professional networking.

This bot will scrape LinkedIn post by applying filter in LinkedIn, when given a input keyword.

How to automate to scrape LinkedIn posts by applying filtering using DataKund? 

  • As this bot will run from windows PC, You need to install DataKund on your pc before you can run this bot.
  • After installing DataKund, open DataKund. Click on run button.
  • Enter the keyword in the input box below or go to google sheets from the DK extension and enter inputs in the sheets and click on Submit/Run button.
  • This bot will visit LinkedIn company link, search the keyword in linkedin and apply filter and then scrape posts and saves data in xlsx or json file.